Academic Publications

Customized agendas and planners for Students and Teachers

CCC works with school principals and administrators to create highly customized, eco-friendly student agendas for students at all levels of learning.

With an open and clean design, CCC agendas focus on facilitating the use of agendas as a tool for time and project management, as well as a valuable communication tool between parents and teachers.

Key Benefits of CCC Student agendas

Supportive of Schools – A portion of the cost of each agenda will be donated by CCC, directly back to the School Community Council to be invested in school programs and equipment.

Customized cover – You can customize your school cover with any image you choose. It could be a photo of your school, your school logo, or art created by your students. You decide.

Customized content – Monthly calendars will be pre-filled with DDSB holidays and special dates, and can also have any information that relates specifically to your school.

Recyclable – The entire agenda (with the exception of the plastic spine and protective cover) is fully recyclable, making this the most eco-friendly agenda option available.

Have a look at our a sample 6x9 (Junior/High School) or 8x11 (Primary School) student agenda. Teacher planners are also available. To download a sample of our teacher planner, click here.

With no delivery fees to schools in the Durham District School Board in Ontario, CCC agendas are an affordable option for your school to consider.

Custom Publications

Whether you are looking to develop a fundraising initiative or simply to create a memorable school keepsake, producing a highly customized product for your school is a great way to foster and encourage school spirit and pride.

Formats to consider are:

  • Yearbooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Calendars
  • Newsletters

Contact us today to discuss your school project, and to discuss pricing options.


CCC has nearly 40 years of experience producing academic textbooks in partnership with publishers supporting both the School and Higher Education markets in Canada. We are experienced working with graphic and art-heavy material, as well as monograph style. We also partner with publishers to serve the needs of the growing online education market.

Online Supplements

We empower education publishers to keep pace with the evolving and expanding needs of their markets by facilitating the development of online supplements that stand alone or to accompany printed course material. Have a look at a few showcase pieces that already offer supplementary support in some of our textbooks. For example, Flashcards or the Interactive Web Player.