Creative Services

Clearly understanding your objectives for your publishing project is a key element in the design process. Our graphic design professionals collaborate with you to discuss your project, and offer creative solutions that communicate clearly and powerfully to your intended target audience. We offer a full range of creative services no matter where in the creative process that you need us.

Our creative team works in both Mac and Windows environments. Client specifications and requirements often determine which environment we work in, however we can integrate into client workflow as well. Our designers are able to work with a comprehensive list of creative and technical software depending on the creative services that you require.

We are also able to work with web developers and programmers to bring visual interest and graphics to life online.

Page Layout and Formatting

From simple to complex page layouts, grayscale to full colour designs, we focus on the intended reader and the intended use to create appealing and functional layouts for both print and electronic media purposes. We offer you our expertise in page composition, text flow, font selection, use of graphics and images.

We also have experience in creating and/or formatting of math and scientific symbols and formulas.

Technical Art Creation and Illustration

Whether you need creative design or technical precision, our design team is highly proficient in creating line art, technical art, graphs, and flow charts. We also offer simple to highly detailed illustrative art that can been used for publications, logos, and promotional materials.

Image Processing and Scanning

Images, photos and illustrations not only visually enhance the message you wish to deliver, they help to tell your story. That’s why it’s important that you have the best quality images for your projects whether it’s for your website, printed or electronic media.

We transform your images, digital photographs, traditional photographs and illustrations through techniques and processes such as colour correction, special effects, image conversions, image manipulation, resizing, and image retouching.

Through our Scanning Services, we convert your images and photographs to digital format. We also provide OCR scanning that translates your printed or handwritten documents to a digital text format.