Digital Services

Publishing today can be a complex technical issue with multiple input streams and file types delivering to many different, and often complicated output formats. Our expert digital publishing services team will work with you to analyze your needs, understand your existing content and systems, explore options with a view on your cost, quality, time and output needs, and help you to deliver outstanding products to your customers.

In addition to servicing your existing technical publishing needs for print, we can also help to guide you into the future of digital publishing. We dig deep into digital publishing so you don't have to, taking the sting out of stepping into the digital publishing arena.

Data Conversions

Every project starts somewhere, and having a quality foundation is where time and costs can be saved. Tired of mediocre conversion results from companies that deal exclusively in volume? Try a company that cares to make the best out of your intellectual properties delivering them to you with clear expectations and a solid base to build for the future.

Our digital services team can quickly and accurately convert a vast number of formats mindful of the pitfalls found uniquely in the publishing industry. We have experience with many formats and techniques; for example, XML transformations (XSLT), Database mining, Word conversions, SGML, HTML, CSV, PDF, and so many more. Let us know what you have and where it needs to be and we can help you bridge the gap.

In addition to conversions, once you've gone digital, we can help you realize your data's potential by building many content extractions. Why not generate those Indices, Tables, Product supplements, or even marketing excerpts. Let your data work for you.

Future Publishing

We take pride in building solutions that work best for our clients, both big and small. Doing so means having our fingers on the pulse of digital publishing, giving us a unique perspective into what's hot and what's simply not ready for prime-time. When advising our clients we take the time to ask the tough questions in order to get the answers allowing you to make an informed decision during these exciting and every changing times.

Single Source

Quite simply the best method of reducing erroneous and time consuming dual-streaming processes. In a time when workflows are fragmented, and deadlines are tighter than ever, learn from us how to approach a single source workflow. Whether it be data driven, XML based, or utilizing the emerging design document approach, we can help you to see the value in building a product line from a single content source.

Ever considered an XML import to Indesign, not a problem!

Thought about Adobe DPS? Let's us help you build a print Indesign document that could land on any mobile device out there!

Multiple Outputs

Today's publishing landscape can be challenging to master, don't be left behind. Here we take the approach of building multiple outputs as a fact of life. Often taking a chance with a propriatary system means your content is locked into one particular format, why not build multiple exports to move forward without risking your intellectual property.

Take the plunge with peace of mind. We can show you how.

Mobile Landscape

The ever evolving publishing landscape has broadened to include more than the printed page, we can help you bolster your online presence, build mobile layouts and tools, create an interactive learning experience with the best the modern web has to offer.

Interested in taking your content mobile, we've worked with the best of the best to provide both iOS and Android content through providers like Inkling, iBooks Author, and Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite (DPS).

We can also help you take that next step into the mobile app markets with a single source workflow that deploys to nearly all mobile platforms. The future is here!


What about building an ePub or Mobi, we have experience in both the creation aspect as well as the requirements of each unique store front to help you make the most out of every sale. Build your brand and drive more revenue.

What about ePub3? Our digital services team is there every step of the way, learn all about the next step in this tremendous technology.

What's next

Web technologies are very powerful and can be readily leveraged from a multitude of delivery platforms. More and more we're seeing the arrival of tools that leverage in part or in whole the power of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. We can help you realize the future today by building your content with an obvious online inclination, while still meeting the needs of today.

We're seeing Web technologies already used in Adobe DPS, iBooks Author, Inkling, and many more. But the possibilities seem boundless with the advent of HTML5 mobile apps for all devices, ePub3 integration, not to mention the seemless transport to your Online portal or Content Management Systems.

Our expertise extends to all corners of the publishing world from traditional print to online content delivery, and we are available to help get you to where you want to be. Whether you are looking to take your content to the interactive level or the printed page, we work with you to publish your content, your way.