Editorial Services

A well-written publication or document is a joy to read. On the other hand, a publication that is poorly styled, filled with grammatical or typographic errors, and too textually dense is one that will go unread. Content, whether it is distributed online or in print, will leave a lasting impression on customers, shareholders, colleagues, and book lovers alike. CCC offers the editorial services - proofreading and typesetting - to polish up your project so that the impression that you leave is a good one.

Computer Composition of Canada Inc.'s core business is to provide the editorial publication and production support necessary to prepare our clients' content to be delivered in the format, or formats, of their choice. Whether you are planning to print, post on the web, or deliver as an epub, your content needs to be free of errors, well organized, and well designed.

At CCC, we are staffed to provide full-service end-to-end production support, but we are nimble enough to chip in only where needed. CCC offers scalable and sensible solutions designed to empower clients to take their content to the next level.


Don’t rely on word processing spell-check programs to guarantee the correctness of your content. Having a proofreader, who’s joy in life is finding and correcting errors, read through your content with a careful and critical eye will give you invaluable peace of mind before your content is released to your audience.

Proofreaders support authors and content creators by:

  • Completing a word-by-word or line-by-line read-through of the manuscript to catch and correct any spelling errors, omitted words, or missing punctuation.
  • Comparing the design page proofs to the author’s original content manuscript to confirm that all content has been captured and set.
  • Reviewing page proofs to validate image quality and placement, ensure consistent running headers and footers, catch awkward or inappropriate word breaks.
  • Providing, upon request, a detailed report of the changes made, and reasoning behind changes.


Successful writers will all attest to the value and importance of a thorough editorial review. To best serve the needs of our clients, authors and publishers alike, CCC offers a full range of editing services:

  • Copyediting
  • Developmental Editing
  • Translation


CCC’s automated publishing system accepts content generated from all common word processing, database, online and tagged file formats. Our staff is experienced in working with straightforward text, as well as typesetting more technical material, such as mathematical equations and chemical formulae.

Careful consideration is given to the intended audience for the content, as well as the format the content will take upon delivery, during the typesetting process. Line length, word count per page, and the overall visual ‘accessibility’ of the text is assessed to ensure that your message shines through.


CCC offers a full range of indexing services for print and electronic publications. The indexes we create are properly designed, copyedited, set, and proofread.

CCC provides indexing services to both publishers and authors. We create multilevel or "thinking" indexes and keyword indexes, or apply semantic tagging.

Publishing Project Management

CCC's success as a publishing service partner has come from our deeply ingrained understanding of the intricacies and inter-dependencies inherent in publication workflow. We leverage this experience to provide value-added insight and recommendations at all stages of the project. We work with you to evaluate and re-think your current processes to develop or apply workflow solutions that help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

The same hands-on management style that CCC utilizes internally is available to all of our clients. We can provide scalable levels of project development, project management, and production management services to ensure that your projects are successfully delivered on time, and on budget.