Who We Are

Computer Composition of Canada is a publishing services company offering editorial production, creative and graphic design services, and digital development support to publishing industry professionals and novices alike.

Whether you are an author looking to self-publish, an organization in need of an annual report, or a publishing house looking for production workflow support, CCC has the expertise and resources to deliver your content, your way.

Enough About Us, How Are You?

  • Digital Publishing
    Increase your Business. Learn how CCC can take your business into the future.
  • Self-Publishers
    Realize your Vision. Learn how CCC is helping creative authors and professional self-publishers.
  • Professional Publishers
    Services and Support. Learn how CCC supports publishing companies, businesses and associations.
  • Academic Market
    Agendas and Planners. Learn more about CCC's customized agendas, planners, and fundraising products.