Supporting Publishing Companies, Businesses and Associations

Across all publishing markets, CCC has experience in designing and formatting content ranging from picture books right through to almanacs, from printed textbooks to online testing environments. We offer the expertise and experience needed to get your content prepared, produced and published on time, and on budget.

Engage us to provide the level of support that your organization needs to ensure that your staff can focus on driving your business forward, rather than driving themselves crazy trying to create publications themselves. We can integrate with existing in-house communications or publication departments, or we can serve as a fully-functioning outsourced production department.

Below is a short-list of some of the markets that we serve and their unique format needs:

  • Digital Publishing - Moving at the speed of light, digital publishing can seem a tremendous undertaking. CCC has taken the reigns in all aspects of digital publishing. Let us guide you through the best solution for your product. If your considering a new title, backlist migration, or simple just getting your feet wet, we can take you there. But hey don't take our word for it check out our CCC Roadmap app!
  • Self-Publishing - Whether you are a subject matter expert (SME) or a creative writer, CCC has all of the critical support services you need as an author to efficiently and affordably realize on your publishing vision.
  • Professional Publishing - If you are an organization or individual that creates and distributes an annual report, shareholder documentation or even a weekly newsletter, guess what... you are a professional publisher and we can likely help make the process easier and more affordable.
  • Educational Publishing - The academic publishing market continues to change and morph and CCC is keeping pace with the industry by offering online ancillary programming and development as well as traditional production support.

Don't despair if your preferred format isn’t there. Contact us to discuss your project, and let our experienced team of designers work with you to develop something that is just right for you.