CCC Roadmap

Our CCC Roadmap is an example of a single source print to digital workflow, filled to the brims with great features like:

  • Hyperlinks,
  • Buttons,
  • Slideshows,
  • Pan & Zoom images,
  • Scrollable frames,
  • Pull tabs,
  • Animated Image Sequences,
  • Custom interactive web content contact form,
  • Google maps,
  • Audio, and
  • Video

Interactive Web Player

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The Interactive Web Player is a custom HTML5 video player with a plethora of features including:

  • Compatible with all modern HTML5 browsers.
  • Complete with mobile browser support.
  • Fully re-active design for any screen size.
  • Complete set standard video player controls.
  • Added video player controls for fullscreen mode*, double-speed*, and more...
  • Timed Script/Subtitles box for visual reference.
  • Timed interactive event handling to inject testing/reference materials.
  • Customizable skins.

* - where browser support is available.

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Flashcard Demo

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The Flashcard project is a Flash/Flex based product ready for online or offline use. Some of the features include:

  • Fully customizable interface.
  • Consumes standard XML content to build your own custom card "decks".
  • Cards may contain streaming or embedded multimedia on either card face.
  • View images, videos, and listen to audio to augment the education experience.

Figure Quiz

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The Figure Quiz is a light-weight HTML5 book enhancement ready for your online portal or to be embedded in your digital book, whether it be iBooks Author, Adobe DPS, ePub3, or any other HTML5/Javascript enabled platform.

  • Compatible with all modern HTML5 browsers.
  • Comes with a built in builder tool.
  • Fully customizable via CSS3.
  • Provides a very useful learning tool that will marry into your printed content without a hitch.

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